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The Cohocksink Creek, Historically the Southern Border of Kensington.

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This map above was taken from a pamphlet entitled, "Old Towns and Districts of Philadelphia," by William Bucke Campbell. It was published as Vol. IV, No. 5, Philadelphia History, by the City History Society of Philadelphia, 1942. The map is located opposite page 96.

What this map of the Cohocksink Creek shows is the course of the old creek as it now lies under the present day streets in the Kensington and Northern Liberties neighborhoods. The creek was always the southern border for Kensington and the northern border for the Northern Liberties. Much of what today is called by realtors and unknowing residents the Northern Liberties neighborhood, is actually historically a part of Kensington. Everything north of the creek and west of 6th street would have been the District of Kensington.

Today's Canal Street, Allen Street, Hancock Street, Laural Street, Bodine Street, Cambridge Street, Lawrence and Orkney Streets, make up the lines of the creek. The creek started at a small pond near today's 5th & Thompson Streets, or where the playground in located, and made its surpentine course through the neighborhoods and finally emptying into the Delware River at about Poplar Street, between piers 35 1/2 and 36. If one climbs down to the river bank behind the little hot dog stand, you can see the creek emptying into the river. It looks today like nothing, but a culvert emptying sewage into the river.

Much of the new development going on north of the creek today is actually taking place in Kensington, but right now the name of the "Northern Liberties" sells better for the realtors. It is very similar with Fishtown today, where realtors are advertising houses for sale as "Fishtown" even though the homes are not only north of Norris Street, but also north of Cumberland Street!

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