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Xerox Copying Services

Including: Antiquarian & Rare Books, journals, magazines, maps, periodicals, photographs, and other ephemeral material.

As many of you know, many institutions are no longer allowing the rare and antiquarian books to be xeroxed. I have a large personal library of Philadelphia history, books, journals, periodicals,  photographs, ephemera, and other types of material. In particular, I have a large library of material on the historic Philadelphia neighborhoods of Kensington and Fishtown. I have been in the rare book business going on twenty years and have accumulated some extremely rare items, some of which are in much better condition then our local repositories and thus I am able to freely make copies for folks.  

If there are certain books, people, businesses, churches, etc., that you would like information on, I could check my library and see what is available. As long as the copyright has expired on the book, I would be happy to make scans. Several pages are not a problem and the cost will be $.50 per page, plus a $10.00 service charge. Whole books are a bit much, but if I own the book or pamphlet and it is in good enough condition and your willing to pay $0.50 per page, plus an extra service charge of $25.00 for a book, or $10.00 for a pamphlet, I can do it.  In the near future I hope to list a bibliography of my library to give a better idea what is available, but for now please inquire.

If you have any questions you can contact me at:

Kenneth W. Milano  215-317-6466

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