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What I offer:

Genealogical and historical research in Philadelphia area repositories and search records on individuals, families, businesses, institutions, and organizations.

Genealogical and biographical sketches of family members, company officers, institutional directors, or organizational officials. Check out my Encyclopaedia Kensingtonian for various biographies and histories that I have written.

Consultation on genealogical research for your Philadelphia ancestors

Photography of tombstones, houses, and structures where your family might have lived, worked, or worshipped.

Private Tours customized to include your family's historical homes and places of worship, as well as the general area of the Fishtown & Kensington neighborhoods. I also conduct tours for organizations, government bodies, or educational institutions. While the Greater Philadelphia Tourism & Marketing Corporation was running their tours to Kensington & Fishtown, I was the tour guide for them. I have also led many tours by professors and teaches, with students from grade school to graduate school. Price of tours depends of the amount of hours you would like. Generally for a two hour tour it is $100.00.

Bring your unique story to life:
With your or my finished research, I could assist with editing,  publishing, and the actual marketing of finished work.  I specialize in  studies that combine Kensington and Fishtown history and genealogy to place families, and  specific groups within a local historical context. Although these Philadelphia  neighborhoods are my specialty, I also provide services for the whole Philadelphia  Metropolitan area.

Contact me for examples of my work:  
A narrative of a family history, biography or business history, with over 15 years of  research experience, I have an in-depth understanding of Philadelphia' communities,  particularly Fishtown and Kensignton where I was born, raised and still reside.
If you would prefer to write your own family, business or institutional history, I can incorporate your research in an introductory historical chapter on Kensington, Fishtown, or other Philadelphia neighborhood, as well as enlarge and complete your already authored researched reports I also consult on those "brick walls" encountered  along the way.

My general historical research may be useful for archaeology, especially Section 106 historical research, building construction, engineering, environmental studies, insurance data, real estate agents, urban and estate  planning, particularly in the Fishtown and Kensington neighborhoods, and for oral,  cultural and academic historians interested in publishing about areas north of Vine  Street. I offer services to local and city-wide non-profit agencies interested in   modern urban studies of Fishtown and Kensington for program planning, or to private  historical perspectives for grant writers when seeking funding.

If you have any questions you can contact me at:

Kenneth W. Milano  215-317-6466


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