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After the initial consultation by email, telephone, or snail mail, I will contact you and tell you the approach (provided of course if I did not already tell you the approach) that I think I should take to help research your project. As a client you will receive a written report, which will include the background of  the request for the project,  the objective of the project, the repositories consulted for the project, full citations to sources consulted, weather they had a positive or negative result, full analysis of my findings, and a summary of research, with suggestions for future research. If you would prefer not to have a written report (and save time) then I can write a simple summary with sources consulted.

You will also receive photocopies of those documents that I am able to photocopy and abstracts of those that cannot be copied. If you do not want copies, please make it clear to me before hand, as you will be charged for them if you do not tell me you do not want them.

If you want full transcriptions of documents, rather then abstracts, that can also be done, but be aware that it takes longer and hence cost more.  If photographs were ordered you will get those as well in digital format sent via email. I will also provide a detailed invoice for services rendered and expenses incurred. After our initial contracted hours have passed, you can then at this point consider me to do further research, or you may choose to hire another researcher as the suggestions that I make might require another local of research to be done.

If you have any questions you can contact me at:

Kenneth W. Milano  215-317-6466

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